Coastal Scents Liquid Black Soap Original

Handmade from pure ingredients, our Liquid Black Soap provides 100 % natural ingredients direct from Mother Nature. Gathered in the tropical areas of Africa, this cocoa butter-enriched soap gently lathers and cleans naturally.

Coastal Scents Liquid Black Soap Original
Leaving your skin spotless, Liquid Black Soap quickly cleans away oil, makeup, dirt, and leaves a fresh radiance. Acknowledged for its natural buildings, Liquid Black Soap has actually been understood to aid to relieve acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. It is safe for all skin types, nevertheless if you have delicate skin it is recommended that you utilize this soap moderately.

Coastal Scents thanks you for your internationally accountable customer option by assisting the ladies, youngsters, and households of Project Ghana. Kindly learn more on this unique and essential collaboration right here.

Fair Trade

Following the rigorous standards of Fair Trade, the maker of our Liquid Black Soap pays greater rates for this item, which offers the ladies in the Northern Region of Ghana with interest-free loans, credit centers, product packaging quality, labeling, and training control. A greater cost for their quality processed Liquid Black Soap is warranted.

When you buy our Fair Trade Liquid Black Soap, you are making it possible for the Tamale and Wa females that process our item to cope with self-respect and buy their households, neighborhoods, and the environment.

Coastal Scents, through Project Ghana, is really happy to produce these natural items and share in an unique collaboration to much better the lives of the ladies and households of Ghana. You can feel positive that you are contributing to the source of income and improvement of the Ghanaian town ladies and their households when you shop our Project Ghana items.


Ingredients: Water (aqua), Coconut Oil (Potasium Cocoate), Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao), Pod Ash, Palm Kernel Oil (Sodium Palm Kernalate), and Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice).