Benefits of African Black Soap

Regular store-bought soaps can be way too harsh or drying for your skin. African black soap can be a gentle, all-natural alternative cleanser created only from plant materials. Proponents of African black soap say it does more than just keep you clean -- the suds are packed with skin-loving benefits, as well.

Uses of African Black Soap

African black soap contains shea butter, which moisturizes skin but will not clog pores. Shea butter provides the soap some UV-protection properties, but not sufficient to replace your normal sunscreen. According to Natural Spa Magazine, the soap might fade skin discoloration and dim spots. The soap cleanses gently, so it truly is ideal for individuals with rosacea, rashes, dryness as well as other skin conditions. African black soap contains plantain extract, which has antibacterial properties that may help handle zits breakouts. Some people use the soap like a shampoo or delicate make-up remover.

How the Soap is Created

African soap is historically created by harvesting and sun-drying palm leaves, cocoa pods along with the bark from shea and plantain trees. This material is then roasted in the kettle at a constant temperature and blended with oils, this kind of as coconut and palm oil. The soap then cures for two weeks before it truly is ready to use.